A exposition on Mondial Solidarity in CC De Steiger, Menen, Belgium.

Een voorstelling over Mondiale Solidariteit in CC De Steiger Menen.

Wil je graag eens reizen van Senegal, naar Guinee, naar Mali, over de Filippijnen terug naar Colombia?

Gala Ingelmunster 2019

We are happy to announce that we will be participating in the Gala of Ingelmunster 2019!

Little steps, but always with a clear vision and direction where we want to go!

Hope to see you there too!


Creation Time!

We had a wonderful time with Anthony Weiss from cie Unati in Guinee.

We started creation phase 1 and were grateful for the ideas en guidance of Anthony. We are looking forward to continue and say a major YES to it!