Social Outreach

We are building a mobile theater with several partners to tour Guinea (and other West-African countries) and bring the arts to other neighbourhoods and villages. 

In 2019 we were approached by Dongo Productions to turn the story of the acrobats into a documentary. We went to Guinea together with filmmakers Marjolijn Prins and David Dhert. The story was shaped by following Fanta and Kapté, two young acrobats. The production of the documentary has already received support from the Pascal de Croos fund and the VAF (Flemish Audiovisual Fund). Last month it was also one of 6 projects presented on the European youth film platform Mbrane and this month for Fipadoc. In addition, the documentary is also part of the Kids Kino trajectory in which the script is worked on through workshops with international screenwriters. The title of the documentary will be Fantastique!


Kapté dancing in the streets of Conakry:

Once the documentary is ready for broadcast, we will plan a tour with a mobile theater/cinema in different areas of Conakry and surrounding villages. In collaboration with the storyteller Petit Tonton and his association KOUMAKAN and the acrobats of the Amoukanama group, we want to bring activities to the neighborhoods for children and young people. We have received support from the province of West Flanders for the realization of the mobile theater and the first tour is planned for 2023. Currently, this project is the subject of an internship for two students from HOWEST Belgium as part of the postgraduate ‘Sustainable Development’. They are working on the design and prototype and will also go to Guinea in May 2022.

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