A big element of Amoukanama is the exchange between people. We work with people with different world views, cultures, languages, religions etc. and strive to find common ground among them. Circus is a great tool to create connection despite differences. It speaks with values of trust through movement of the body and mind. Everybody can watch someone moving and try to find the way to perform it as well. So first is the exhange among artists and acrobats. As such, we will start to organize training sessions in Guinea for acrobats from other countries. Check our blog and social media for upcoming dates!

Secondly, we want to exchange with the audience of our performanes. These young artists have had a life full of experiences that created messages in their hearts, minds and bodies. It is through performance that they share their courage and perseverance with the people watching. Often, people comment that they “just feel happy watching [the Guinean acrobats perform]”.

Besides the performing aspect, we also teach. We go to local schools, sport camps, events where we let children taste of Circus and Africa. This through acrobatics, Multi Circus, African dance, djembé and classes concerning Guinean culture.
Do you want Amoukanama in your school? Let us know!

Wil jij ook eens acrobaten in jouw school ontvangen? Zin om Afrikaanse dans te doen? Of acrobatie? Laat het ons weten !


African dance makes kids happy! Let us know if you wanna dance and laugh with us ! 

Wij zijn alvast aan het repeteren voor jullie….


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