What we Do

You can find here the most recent presentation of Amoukanama and our projects in French. An English version will be here soon!

Shows / Spectacle

Amoukanama also strives to produce their own shows. We are working both in Europe and Africa. In Belgium, we have a group of artists to perform on festivals, events, circus cabarets etc. There are several possibilities to perform. See further which acts could bring life to your festival! In Guinea, we encourage our friends to keep working as we want to create shows with the coming circusschool as well. Currently, we aim to create a show with Guinean and Belgian artists, inspired by the theme of dreams, courage, freedom and the search for connection in a world that separates things in boxes… 


A big element of Amoukanama is the exchange between people. We work with people with different world views, cultures, languages, religions etc. and strive to find common ground among them. Circus is a great tool to create connection despite differences. It speaks with values of trust through movement of the body and mind.


First of all, we want to build a professional circus school in Conakry, Guinea. To the model of the National Circus School in Montreal, we want to offer a 3 year program for students. This program aims to offer the students a possibility to grow into a professional circus artist with the space to develop their own personality and unique talents.


We not only have a lot of acrobats, but also amazing musicians! As such, the band of Amoukanama, can give concerts in your neighbourhood or on your event. There is something to be said of dancing on African beats, freeing your mind and soul on the rhythms of the Earth!

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