Get involved

There are a lot of different ways You can join us in this project. As volunteer, sponsor, partner, consultant, organisator…

At this stage we are looking for:

  • Financial support
  • Expertise (energy consultants, engineers, architects…)
  • Promoting of the project on activities, events, festivals
  • International exchanges with other circus schools. We are looking for volunteers who want to go on an adventure and train with the acrobats in Guinea!
  • Contracts for the Amoukanama students in shows, performances, little events etc.
  • Give advice to establish the curriculum of the school (especially other circus schools who can share their experience in organizing their courses)
  • Sponsoring in the form of equipment (clothing, shoes, training equipment, circus materials…)

Do You want to become a partner or sponsor of this project? Contact us to see what we can do Together!

Here you can find soon information for sponsorships opportunities.

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