Covid 19 in Conakry

Dankzij steun van Wereldhuis West-Vlaanderen, konden wij deze week met een kleine steun veel betekenen voor de gemeenschap van de acrobaten. Vandaag konden we de eerste 50 zakken in Matam, de buurt van de acrobaten verdelen. Er volgen zo nog 150 zakken in andere wijken. Daarnaast helpen we ook lokale ziekenhuizen om zich met voldoende basis materiaal uit te rusten.

You can now vote to get us into finals!

It is almost to incredible to believe, but we got to perform in the live-shows of America Got Talent tonight! You can vote here now:

We hope we made our community Matam in Conakry, Guinea proud tonight. We will never forget where we come from and how everybody has helped to get us here! Thank you to our families, neighbours, friends and fellow acrobats! We are here together tonight!

America Got Talent!

This year has been really amazing so far… When we first started Amoukanama from a small room cramped with acrobats somewhere in Conakry we had so many obstacles in front of us for our dreams that we could not imagine we would ever be on this stage. Everybody has fought so hard and never stopped believing in Amoukanama and the direction we wanted to go. And we are still fighting every day to make a change in Conakry and the world!

Wereldklapz / Stories of the World

In February 2022 the time had finally come! We received our partner from the municipality of Langemark Poelkapelle from Belgium and storyteller Rien van Meensel in Conakry to organize a project week in the Roland Pré school. As part of our three-year collaboration on global citizenship, we worked for a week with the fourth grade through circus and stories.