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We are looking for Sponsors to help us build the Circusschool in Guinea and carry out our social and artistic projects. Do You want to contribute to our Dream? Please make a donation or contact us to see what the possibilities are to become a Sponsor.

Wil jij een sponsor worden voor ons project? Wil jij graag bijdragen om circus in de wereld te brengen? Wordt dan nu een partner of donateur!  

Our General Account number:

IBAN BE63 7360 2577 7008

Or please select one of the contribution options, leave us a message and we will happily contact you back within 24 hours!

Amoukanama is a school of Circus Arts with divisions in Belgium and Conakry, Guinee. Amoukanama is a registered Non-profit association 685 972 518 with Tax exemption. We are working to get a deduction of the donation in kind or cash from the taxable income. This will be soon as such.

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