Amoukanama Productions

Amoukanama also strives to produce their own shows. We are working both in Europe and Africa. In Belgium, we have a group of artists to perform on festivals, events, circus cabarets etc. In Guinea, we encourage our friends to keep working as we want to create shows with the coming circusschool as well. Currently, we aim to create a show with Guinean and Belgian artists, inspired by the theme of dreams, courage, freedom and the search for connection in a world that separates things in boxes… We hope to start working on the creation this year so we can perform next year with this new creation.

This year, we are working with a group of Guinean acrobats already living in Europe (France, Belgium, Germany, The Netherlands) on several festivals. Many of them are in a difficult situation concerning work and papers and put all their effort in working as an artist again. We come together to train, share, eat, laugh and create!

As such we have an act of acrobatics, contortion, human pyramids and African dance accompanied by live percussion. Depending on the occasions, we perform between 30 and 45 minutes. This can be on music festivals, world markets, marriages, football events… We have a wide range of possibilities! Check us out and see if you want Amoukanama to bring joy to your event as well!

In Guinea, our goal is to create one show a year with the students/volunteers/international teachers of the circusschool. The production can then tour in Guinea and abroad. As there are lots of difficulties currently in the lives of Guinean people, we want to adress some artistically with the hope to create questions concerning current practices. For example, the extreme pollution in Conakry, or the mass migration towards Europe from young people, or also the broadly practiced female genital mutilation.

We hope to start this year, before the school is actually constructed, with the above mentioned project: the show inspired by the migration dynamics between Africa and Europa, with specific attention for women. And we are happy to announce that Europe has decided to support us in this project with FrameVoiceReport. See more explanations on


We also have a duo of about 30 minutes which narrates the story of Nathalie and Alseny. How two characters who have nothing in common learn to understand each other by the universal language of body and feeling. And perhaps understanding leads to confidence and love?


We have recently started working on a new production with director Anthony Weiss. Follow us to see what comes next!


Some international shows where Guinean acrobats have worked:

Cavalia, Tagadart, Kalabanté, Cirque du soleil, UniverSoul Circus, Afrika!Afrika! 


Contact us on your idea! And let’s see how we can bring our artists to your event!