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Amoukanama also strives to produce their own shows. We are working both in Europe and Africa. In Belgium, we have a group of artists to perform on festivals, events, circus cabarets etc. There are several possibilities to perform. See further which acts could bring life to your festival! In Guinea, we encourage our friends to keep working as we want to create shows with the coming circusschool as well. Currently, we aim to create a show with Guinean and Belgian artists, inspired by the theme of dreams, courage, freedom and the search for connection in a world that separates things in boxes… 

This year, we are working with a group of Guinean acrobats already living in Europe (France, Belgium, Germany, The Netherlands) on several festivals. Many of them are in a difficult situation concerning work and papers and put all their effort in working as an artist again. We come together to train, share, eat, laugh and create!

As such we have an act of acrobatics, contortion, human pyramids and African dance accompanied by live percussion. Depending on the occasions, we perform between 30 and 45 minutes. This can be on music festivals, world markets, marriages, football events… We have a wide range of possibilities! Check us out and see if you want Amoukanama to bring joy to your event as well!

1. Amoukanama Travels! 

We present with a group of Guinean acrobats an act that let children dream of literally flying into the sky. Somersaults, flips, human pyramids and incredibly flexible figures … Together with the musicians who accompany us on the djembe and the doundoun, we transform the space into a dynamic whirlwind that leaves no one unmoved. Rhythms that are so contagious to the public that they might also start participating?

Performances on world festivals, music festivals…

Performance on circus festivals, events…

In cultural centers…



2. Duo Limaniya 

Nathalie and Alseny take us into their story through original acrobatic figures, hand on hand and dance. Together they discover the spectrum of acrobatics without letting go of each other, where the rhythm is sometimes high, sometimes low. Where we sometimes find tenderness, sometimes passion.

Accompanied by live percussion and music from West Africa.


3. Silks 

Nathalie can also surprise people from the air: with her silks she can be hung just about everywhere where it is safe. In this way she surpries the people while she performs acrobatic figures tumbling in the air.



Stable suspension location (safety measure: 500 kg suspension weight)

Sound: Possibly music installation and speaker

Light: Required when playing at dusk or dark


4. Papus Contorsionist! 

Papus, or Benzé flex, is an amazingly flexible human being who surprises people with the movements of his ‘snake body’. He balances as such on about everything while turning limbs in every direction.

Dynamic, funny and above all, pushes the limits of your imagination!

Video link:


5. New creation 

We have recently started working on a new production with director Anthony Weiss. This has become possible through the support of the European Union. Within the Frame Voice Report project, we are working on the new creation as a means of communication. To share our story through movement, music and expression.

A group of Guinean boys and 1 Belgian girl, looking for challenges and connection. Looking for their destination in a story they want to share with the spectators.


Some international shows where Guinean acrobats have worked:

Cavalia, Tagadart, Kalabanté, Cirque du soleil, UniverSoul Circus, Afrika!Afrika! 

Upcoming performances // Opkomende optredens // Spectacles à venir



13-14 april Gevleugelde Stad Ieper : Duo Limaniya
28 april Textival Kortrijk : Duo Limaniya
4-5 mei Labadoux Ingelmunster : Group
18 mei Kokopelli Gullegem : Group
8 juni Oostende Mr. V Arena :Group in cooperation with gymnasts
15 juni Africa museum Tervuren :Group
28 juni Mater Dei school Brasschaat : Duo
30 juni Festivelo Lokeren : Group
4 juli

6 juli 

Vertelavond Langemark-Poelkapelle

Zaradi Tebe Gent: Group

7 juli Maldegems Feest : Group

Saltofestival Menen: Group + Duo

13 juli Dunia Wereldfeest Koksijde : Group
18 juli

28 juli

Burendag Kapellen : Group + workshops

Achterhoek Spektakel Toer Ulft, Nederland

8 augustus Circus festival De Donderdagen Ninove : First try out of our new creation !
24 augustus

25 augustus

Bomboclat Zeebrugge : Group


Contact us on your idea! And let’s see how we can bring our artists to your event! 

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