*Show file and video material upon request.

The creation appeared when we received support from “Frame Voice Report” to create a show, an organization supported by the European Union whose vocation is to strengthen the commitment of European citizens towards a global consciousness.

The founders of Amoukanama invite Anthony Weiss from 2019 to Guinea Conakry to bring artistic practices and education to the group, do a workshop,  laboratories of research and creation and residencies of creation. Thus, a group of 8 Guinean acrobats and a Belgian acrobat is naturally formed.

This creation is a way to contribute to the history of contemporary circus on a human and diversity axis. It is a great singular piece, acrobatic and danced to meet the Western world and the traditions of West Africa.

A public space version was created and broadcast the summer of 2022 in Europe, ahead of the 2023 theater creation.

This creation is inspired by the current effervescent youth movement for the construction of a better future. FA is a human journey through obstacles where the voice is given to a united and generous community. Coming from different backgrounds, these fiery and candid individuals walk towards their dreams, beyond their limits…

FA is a project combining contemporary writing with ethnic traditions. The show direction and choreography of Anthony Weiss combined with the acrobatic art of this group creates a singular writing where the acrobat dancer, individually and in the collective, is the central point of this piece.

On a refined stage, the body in motion is a main vector and the musical creation plunges us completely into a journey.

FA is an invitation to human union. to a new vision.

Teaser realised after our firs residency in February 2021 in Conakry, Guinea:

Teaser realised during research laboratory in Kindia, Guinea, October 2019:

Send an email to amoukanama224@gmail.com to receive the creation file. There is more video material available upon request.

Supported by:

Cie Les Mélangeurs – European Union – Espace Périphérique Paris – Ecole Nationale de Cirque Châtellerault – TOHU Canada – Community Langemark Poelkapelle – Miramiro Ghent, Belgium – Culturel Centrum Franco-Guinéen, Conakry – Petit Musée Conakry – Les Baladins du Miroir, Jodoigne – Flemish Government

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