This creation is inspired by the current effervescent youth movement for the construction of a better future. 

FA shares the reflection of it through a deep human adventure where the voice is given to an united and generous group and the power of a community.

Coming from different horizons, they go search solutions collectively. Their origins, dreams or relationships with the world may vary, but they have a common path. A path that calls for a change.

The questions that we raised: What can we achieve by uniting? What dreams can come true? How far can we go, beyond our own limits?

“Slender with a determined step, a youth coming from different

horizons sets out in search of a renewal. Their human alliance prevails over their differences and

they walk together to go beyond… Meeting themselves and others, they wish to achieve a

harmonious future and overcome prospective obstacles for the emergence of an unified

and sharing world. An adventure takes shape and takes us for a grand acrobatic piece at

tcrossroads of Africa and the Western world. Paths are multiple but together they will stay, oriented towards their dreams. 

Accompanied by the rhythm of laughter and percussions from Guinea, without ever interrupting their perpetual or eternal movement, they present us with high energy, an Ode to Life radiating a deep human and sacred union.”

Teaser realised after our firs residency in February 2021 in Conakry, Guinea:

Teaser realised during research laboratory in Kindia, Guinea, October 2019:

Send an email to amoukanama224@gmail.com to receive the creation file. There is more video material available upon request.

Supported by:

Cie Les Mélangeurs – European Union – Espace Périphérique Paris – Ecole Nationale de Cirque Châtellerault – TOHU Canada – Community Langemark Poelkapelle – Miramiro Ghent, Belgium – Culturel Centrum Franco-Guinéen, Conakry – Petit Musée Conakry.

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