Wereldklapz / Stories of the World

In February 2022 the time had finally come! We received our partner from the municipality of Langemark Poelkapelle from Belgium and storyteller Rien van Meensel in Conakry to organize a project week in the Roland Pré school. As part of our three-year collaboration on global citizenship, we worked for a week with the fourth grade through circus and stories.

Petit Tonton of non-profit association Koumakan, our partner in Guinea, collaborated with Rien on stories with the theme ‘who am I and who is my hero’? The climate was also discussed. The acrobats of Amoukanama then worked on cooperation and finding the hero in motion and pushing our boundaries.

On Friday we were allowed to give a presentation to a number of classes and the students were super enthusiastic about their learning process and what they were allowed to share with their friends. It was a super rich week with a lot of exchange. You can find some videos on Koumakan’s social media:

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